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VIDEO: Configuring Output


TriCaster 40

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Here is an overview of configuring the video output from within the system.


video output configure

TriCaster provides several outputs downstream from the Switcher. These are Program, Aux, and Multiview. The first two of these are connected to BNC connectors in the VIDEO OUT group on TriCaster’s front plate. Multiview is a supplementary monitoring option supplied by one of the monitor ports on the rear. (See Section 2.1 for more detail on making connections.)

Configuration settings for all three outputs are located in the Output Configuration panel accessed by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner above the main Program monitor.

Output 1 (Program)

We mentioned earlier that the video standard (multi-standard 15 model) and format supplied by the Program output is determined by the session setting you decided on (see User Guide- Section 2.3.1). For an HD session, the only suitable connection is Component. However, SD sessions do support several optional connection types.

The SD Analog Connections control group in the Output tab allows you to choose either Composite + Y/C (both can be active at one time, using the appropriately marked connectors in VIDEO OUTPUT) or, alternatively a single Component connection.


At the bottom of the Output tab, you’ll see a menu that lets you choose the screen aspect and connection type for the Aux output (labeled Row 2 in the VIDEO OUT connector group on TriCaster’s front panel). The Aux connection always supplies a standard definition output, regardless of the session format.


The Output Configuration panel has a second tab, Multiview. Click it to access settings governing the secondary display port on TriCaster’s rear panel. You might use this output for subsidiary monitoring purposes, or perhaps to supply a projection system. Controls in the tabbed panel determine what display is shown and what resolution is supplied to the output.

The Screen Layout menu provides several optional displays, including Program, Preview or FX monitors. Set the VGA Output Resolution for Multiview to the native resolution of the external device you plan to connect.

click below to watch a video on this topic:

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