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AirPlay and TriCaster


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AirPlay® is Apple’s protocol for getting audio and video from ‘here’ to ‘there’ – specifically, from an AirPlay source (which may be an Apple® computer, or a mobile device such as iPad®, iPod®, or iPhone®) to a second device.


You select the AirPlay® icon at the top of the Source menu for Net 1 or Net 2, just as you would select an iVGA or LiveText source. (Unlike iVGA, embedded audio with level control is supported for AirPlay sources.) TriCaster identifies itself as a network client for AirPlay apps/applications, and you can then designate TriCaster as the output device for content played on the device. AirPlay streams audio, video, or both from the device to the local network, and on to TriCaster. 43

Here are a few hints that may help if you encounter issues in connection with using AirPlay® sources:

  • The first time you connect to a network with the TriCaster, you must choose a network location. This is a standard Windows® process that automatically configures appropriate firewall and security settings for the type of network that you connect to.

REMINDER: When TriCaster recognizes qualified network sources, it adds them to a drop-down menu for quick selection


Once a connection has been detected and chosen, you will be presented with 3 options: Home, Work, and Public. If TriCaster’s active network has inadvertently been set to Public, AirPlay® will not connect. Be sure this is set to either Home or Work.

  • Make sure you are connected to the correct network, especially for Wi-Fi. iOS® connects to known networks by default. If multiple Wi-Fi connections are available, it may connect automatically to a previously known network. For a wireless AirPlay® source such as iPad®, follow these steps:
    1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is off, turn it on by tapping the on/off icon.
    2. Available Wi-Fi networks appear under Choose a Network...
    3. Locate and tap the Wi-Fi network that TriCaster is connected to.
  • By default, the Windows® Firewall is disabled on TriCaster. If your AirPlay® device does not recognize TriCaster after enabling AirPlay, make sure the firewall has not been inadvertently enabled. If you must use it, have your network administrator set up an exception for it using the information in the table below:


















mDNS (Bonjour)


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Created : 2012-08-20 12:01:47, Last Modified : 2012-08-30 09:40:18