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Media Players: Adding Media


TriCaster 40

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Here we have an overview of how you can add clips and other media to your productions using Media Players, there are two types: DDR and Graphics. They vary slightly in that DDR has play controls and can accept many types of media. The Graphics module only loads static graphics and has no play controls.


Add (The Media Browser)

Click Add or double-click in an empty part of the Playlist pane to open the Media Browser.

This tool is available anywhere in the Live Desktop that you can select content, transitions or effects.


The Media Browser layout is comprised of left and right panes we’ll refer to as the Location List and File Pane respectively.

Hint: To jump to the system file explorer ( rather than the custom Media Browser) from a Media Player, hold the shift key while clicking the “Add” button.

Location List

The Location List (at left) is a column of favorite “locations”, grouped under headings such as Clips, Titles, Stills, and so on. (The Media Browser is context sensitive, so the headings shown are appropriate for the current task.) A list of sub-headings under each main heading in the Location List corresponds to sessions, or groups of content. Select a sub-heading to populate the right hand window – the File Pane.

Add Media Location & Browse


Clicking Add Media Location opens a standard system selector. The folder you choose is added to the Media Browser’s Location List under the heading My Media Locations. 28

Hint: File recursion for list under My Media locations is limited to one level below the current sub-heading. Recursion is deeper (infinite) for TriCaster’s default locations.

Click Browse to substitute open a system file explorer rather than the custom Media Browser.

File Pane

Icons appear in the File Pane for content inside the sub-heading selected in the Locations List. (Files are grouped under dividers named for sub-folders.)


File Filters

The File Pane is automatically filtered to show only relevant content. For example, when selecting LiveSets, the browser only shows LiveSet files (.vsfx). An editable filter appears above the File Pane. Only files matching criteria you enter are shown. For example, if you enter “wav”, the File Pane would display any file with the filename extension “.wav” (WAVE audio file format), but also “wavingman.jpg” or “lightwave_render.avi”.

Context Menus

Right-click a Location listed under My Media Locations to show a context menu with just one item in it. Remove de-lists the location (but does not delete the folder and its contents from the hard drive).

Note: this menu is exclusively for use in the “My Media Location” section, and is not available for other headings in the Location List.

Right-click a file icon to open a menu providing Rename and Delete options (Delete really does remove content from your hard drive).

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