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Setting up a Green Screen


TriCaster 40

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The TriCaster allows you to use a green screen and “key” your talent over a graphic or to place them in one of the LiveSets that ship with the unit.

If you have never made use of this type of technology what follows is a collection of tips and general information to keep in mind.


Your Backdrop

Here we are talking about the literal background you or your talent will be positioned in front of.

In general, the cleaner the backdrop the better the key, if your backdrop is a sheet of cloth being stretched out, make sure to get rid of any and all wrinkles. A run to the store for some wrinkle remover may be in order or a steamer.

If your backdrop is a wall or “cyclorama” then make sure to use “chroma key” paints they are manufactured and mixed specifically for this purpose. Anything else such as a paint mixed at the local corner store may not provide the color saturation needed for a good key.


The focus here is to eliminate dark shadows. A soft light source like fluorescent lighting is the easiest way to light for keying.


Make sure all automatic camera settings are turned off this includes:

  • Auto iris
  • Auto white balance
  • Auto gain
  • Auto focus

You will be manually “white balancing” your cameras instead.

Always try to use the best quality signal you can, here in order of best to adequate are the camera types that may be at your disposal

  • Component
  • Y/C
  • Composite

Click below to watch a video on this topic:

Created : 2012-08-10 14:01:18, Last Modified : 2012-08-30 07:44:05