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A TriCaster 40 registration walk-thru.


TriCaster 40

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What is the process of registering my TC40 and what are my options?


The following can also be found in the User Guide pages 5-7 chapter 2.2

Starting up and Activating Windows

Turn on the computer monitor, and push the Power switch on TriCaster’s faceplate. The Power LED will illuminate, and the hard drive activity light should flicker as the device boots up. (If this does not happen, check your connections and retry).

  1. Click Next at lower right.
  2. Choose your time zone.
  3. Accept the license agreement.
  4. Enter your 25-digit key (on some models, the sticker is on the bottom of the case).
  5. Decline automatic updates (by clicking “not right now”).
  6. Give TriCaster a distinct computer name for networking.

TriCaster Registration Part I

You can authorize your Windows installation by network or by telephone. If you have connected TriCaster to a network (see Section 2.1.2) with Internet access, this provides the fastest method of activation.

  1. Click ‘Obtain IP and DNS automatically’.
  2. Agree to activate Windows. This activation is permanent, and you won’t see these screens again. (Registration with Microsoft is optional).
  3. Assign a name to the administrator account. You may type your name, company, or perhaps simply “TriCaster”.
  4. Click Finish, and TriCaster will re-start.

On launch, TriCaster presents an End User License Agreement dialog. After you accept this, the Registration dialog shown in Figure 3 is presented.

RegWalkthru licenseNRegfig3

If necessary, enter the unique TriCaster Serial Number and Product ID for your system. TriCaster’s video output will show a watermark until the system is registered and unlocked (by entering the registration code).

Hint: If the Serial number doesn’t appear automatically, and you can’t find it on your unit, you can obtain it from the registration webpage mentioned in the next section, or from NewTek’s Customer Support Desk (open seven days a week).

TriCaster Registration Part II

You can register and obtain your registration code either by telephone, or online (directly from TriCaster or another system connected to the Internet) as described next.


If you have connected TriCaster to a network with Internet access, simply click the button under Step 2 to visit the Registration page ( in the Customer Care section of NewTek’s website, where you will find further directions.

Otherwise, you can visit the registration webpage from another system with Internet access. In either case, after registering on the website, enter the resulting registration code into the field provided at Step 4 of the dialog.

Hint: It’s a good idea to record the login name and password you choose for your website profile in a safe place. Jot down registration code too; it could come in handy if you ever need to restore the TriCaster software to its as-shipped state without access to the Internet.

Check your personal area of the site from time to time afterward; among other things, you’ll be able to download any free software updates that are made available going forward.


NewTek’s Customer Care center also handles registration requests by telephone, if that is more convenient (when opportunity permits, you should still visit the website to set up your account, allowing you to access to software updates). Please have your Product ID (from the Registration dialog mentioned earlier) handy when you call. The phone numbers for Customer Service follow:

Telephone: (US) 1-800-862-7837

(Outside US) +1-210-370-8000

Fax: 210-370-8001


Click below to watch a video on this topic:

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