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UI Monitors and Contextual Tools
TriCaster 40
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The following discusses the monitors found in the TriCaster 40 interface and the contextual tools found in the titlebar of each one.

By default, the upper third of the Live Desktop is covered with monitors. Large full-time Program and Preview monitors occupy the right half of the upper (monitoring) section. Let’s discuss them first.



The image above, displays the video output TriCaster is currently sending to downstream devices and ultimately, your viewing audience. The Preview monitor ( to the left ) displays the current Preview row source selection.
The Preview monitor shows interactive Proc Amp (etc.) indicators when appropriate. Beneath these primary monitors are Stream, Record and Grab buttons, along with their Configuration (gear) buttons and time/counter fields. A convenient Master Volume knob appears under Program, too.



At left, the monitoring section provides individual monitors for all available video sources, including camera and network inputs and output from the internal Media Players.
The header of the monitor for the source currently selected on the Switcher’s Program row is highlighted in red. The titlebar for the Preview row selection has a green tint, while the FX source titlebar is blue.

We mentioned the yellow, green and blue titlebar switches (Proc Amp, LiveMatte and Crop).
Additional controls pop-up when you move your mouse pointer over the onscreen monitors. The controls provided vary according to the source type represented by the monitor. Camera monitors show Freeze and Configure buttons in the titlebar on mouse roll-over.



Other controls appear if you roll-over the onscreen monitor for a Media Player. Stop and Play buttons are supplemented by Previous and Next (playlist item) buttons.



As well, a timecode field is conveniently situated below the monitor label for Media Player modules, (Right-click on to open a menu allowing you to Reverse Direction for the time counter, show or disable Warning Colors, or use the entire Playlist Duration for the timecode rather than just the time for the current item.
Roll the mouse pointer over a Network monitor and click the triangle button to list available network video sources. The menu might list displays from other computers on the network (via iVGA™), an AirPlay® stream, or perhaps the output from a LiveText™ workstation. (For more on Network sources see Chapter 4 of the User Guide).



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